Back pain

Back pain can have many causes, from traumatic injury to herniated discs to degenerative disorders. Whatever the cause of the pain, acupuncture is usually effective at relieving the pain symptoms. In fact, back pain is the disease most frequently treated by acupuncture in the United States, and represents a major part of most acupuncturists' patient load.

In cases of traumatic injury, acupuncture is useful in speeding recovery, minimizing pain and bruising and restoring full range of motion. It reduces inflammation and promotes the healing process. Acupuncture is very useful in treating sports injuries where it can get you back in shape quickly. In fact, acupuncture is useful in all non-life-threatening traumatic injuries for the same reasons.

On the other end of the spectrum, in chronic back conditions such as disc degeneration, acupuncture can slow the disease process and minimize pain, allowing patients a high quality of life without resorting to harsh or invasive treatment methods.

Facet syndrome, discogenic lumbodynia, myotonic lumbalgia and spinal stenosis represent the vast majority of lumbar conditions seen in the United States. Most acupuncturists treating these diseases report high success rates. Studies back this up, and the World Health Organization considers lumbar pain to be one of the diseases for which enough clinical evidence already exists to endorse the use of acupuncture.

For many people, acupuncture is an alternative to back surgery. Operations are permanent, and outcomes may lead to worsening of the condition. People in this situation are increasingly turning to acupuncture, which can, in many cases, reduce or eliminate pain to a point where people can lead active lives without surgery or strong medication.