Migraines and Headaches


Over 24 million Americans suffer from migraines. Many others suffer from tension headaches and other recurring headaches. These headaches can last days and can be debilitating. For many they are accompanied by nausea and vomiting and light and smell sensitivity. Conventional medicine does not understand the cause of these headaches, and pharmaceutical treatment is often expensive and carries unpleasant side effects.

The largest study to date on headaches and acupuncture was done in Germany where 25% of the population suffer from migraines and recurring headaches. The study involved 15,000 patients, and showed that acupuncture was effective in reducing both the intensity and the frequency of headaches.

Acupuncture treatment addresses both the acute and the chronic aspects of headaches. During a headache, acupuncture can often immediately reduce or even eliminate the pain. It also reduces or eliminates the next-day effects. Regular treatments address the chronic aspect of the headaches, and are necessary to reduce the frequency of headaches, as well as to minimize the intensity when you do get one.

Unlike pharmaceutical medicine, the “side-effects” of acupuncture are often beneficial, and can play an important role in the treatment process. Aside from treating the headaches, acupuncture is very effective at treating stress and promoting physical and emotional relaxation. Stress is also one of the triggers for headaches. So not only will you find that the headaches get better, you will also find your body and mind more relaxed.