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Balance, Health and the Cycles in Women's Bodies

Monthly, generational and life cycles

Women's bodies experience natural cycles which are not experienced by men. These cycles relate to women's unique ability to bear children. The monthly menstrual cycle is the most omnipresent example for most women, but pregnancy and childbirth itself are cycles, and the transitions of puberty and menopause can be seen as part of our normal life cycle.

Health challenges

These cycles result in a constantly changing physical and emotional state which presents challenges to the natural state of balance which we experience as good health. In normal conditions, women's bodies are able to cope and naturally rebalance themselves. In modern life, however, most people are subject to many other health challenges such as stress, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle or other illness. Many women therefore find difficulty finding that balance again. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are primarily focused on rebalancing the various body systems, thereby allowing the body to restore its own state of health.

Hormonal imbalances

In biomedical terms, these cycles are represented primarily by fluctuations in hormone levels, most importantly estrogen and progesteren. They regulate menstruation, pregnancy, puberty and menopause. Conventional medical doctors use the hormones as birth control and as treatment for menstrual and menopausal disorders. Disturbing studies concerning the health risks of hormone replacement therapy call into question the validity of this approach.

The role of stress in causing or exacerbating disorders

Stress has become a predominant condition in the daily lives of most people. Many disorders can be attributed to stress as the major factor. Almost every condition will be exacerbated by stress.