Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

The Touch of Aloha

Lomilomi is the Hawaiian term for massage, weaving – more than massage Hawaiian lomilomi is a nurturing form of bodywork. Lomilomi is loving (Aloha) and compassionate touch to connect the body, the mind, the heart and the spirit thus bringing alignment and allow one's true essence to reveal itself.


The Kahunas of Hawaii created this nurturing loving form of bodywork thousands of years ago and used it to bring healing and for rites of passage. While there are also different styles of lomilomi each unique to the families (lineage) they come from, the most well-known are 'Auntie Margaret's style' (also known as Big Island Style) and Hawaiian Temple Bodywork (also called Temple Style). Sacred Lomi and Pahi Lomi are both Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, a style taught around the world by Kahu Abraham Kawaii.


Most rarely align with their true power.

It seems illogical to them that there is power in relaxation, in letting go, in love, joy, bliss.

There are many things you have been taught to believe that are
counter to the powerful Laws of the Universe ...

breathe rather than try to, relax rather than offer effort, to smile rather than struggle, to be rather than do.

Your true power is experienced only from inside – Kahu Abraham Kawaii



While, many styles of bodywork separate the physical and the energetic aspects of the body, Hawaiian temple style bodywork integrates the whole body in order to reconnect with ourselves to allow healing. This is achieved through long flowing strokes with the practitioner's forearms and hands that connect the whole body and incorporates stretches, lifts and deep point work as needed.


A lomilomi session

A lomilomi session is typically 1.5 hours minimum – you will also spend some time with your therapist (like any bodywork session) to review/discuss any current conditions or specific areas you would like to be addressed during your session.

While our therapists use high quality hypo-allergenic massage lotion or cream for therapeutic massage sessions, hypo-allergenic professional grade massage oil is used for lomilomi sessions – the oil helps provide a smooth glide. At the end of a session, towels are provided to wipe any residual oil off your skin, although we recommend you do not wear any clothes you do not want stained with oil.


Lomilomi massage is extremely relaxing and because you may feel a little spacey or sleepy after your session, we recommend you plan some extra quiet time rather than having to rush to other appointments.

During the day after the massage, drink extra water to allow toxins released by your body to be flushed out.

Seven Hawaiian Shamanic Principles

Serge Kahili King explains and expands on the seven Hawaiian shamanic principles in this book "Urban Shaman". The principles are a powerful tool to support us in our life and healing practice.



The world is what you think it is


There are not limits


Energy flows where attention goes


Now is the moment of power


To love is to be happy with


All the power comes from within


Effectiveness is the measurement of truth



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