Allergy Research

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs for seasonal allergic rhinitis

A European study of 52 patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis gave acupuncture and a specific Chinese herbal formula to one group while giving acupuncture in non-points with a non-specific herbal formula to the other group. Improvement on the Global Assessment of Change scale was noted in 85% of active group patients compared to 40% of the control group. (Allergy. 59(9):953-960, 2004)

Acupuncture helps treat childhood persistent allergic rhinitis

A Hong Kong hospital studied the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating allergic rhinitis in children. Half of the patients received acupuncture and the other half received a "sham acupuncture" treatment in which the needles were not placed in acupuncture points. The group receiving the true acupuncture showed significantly lower daily rhinitis scores and more symptom free days than the sham group, as well as showing much better immediate improvement after treatments. (Pediatrics. 114(5):1242-7, 2004)